Shanon Nowell for Mayor

I am excited by the opportunity to serve another term as your mayor. I pledge to listen earnestly, to speak honestly, and to keep an open mind.


I do my best to give voice to the issues that matter to you.

Public Servant

I work to earn your trust so that we can build on common ground.


I express my love for this wonderful community through service.

Let’s Work Together for Saint Peter

All of us, working together, can continue to bring new ideas to life and make our community even better. Share your ideas with me and let’s talk about what is right for our city. As your neighbor and representative, I want to know what’s important to you.

Who am I?

I’m a mother, wife, college administrator, and serial volunteer. I’m not flashy or controversial, but I am organized and dedicated, and yes, I’m running for a second term as mayor.

I help others to solve problems at work, home, and in service to the community. I use my hard-won knowledge and skills to engage and empower those around me.

A lifetime of learning, organizing, mediating, and volunteering has prepared me for this new role. If reelected, I will do my best to be a true reflection of Saint Peter’s citizens. I believe our shared interests will continue to propel our community toward an even brighter future.

Saint Peter Mayor 2022-2023

Saint Peter City Council 2019-2021

Connecting Nicollet County Cohort Participant 2019-2020

First Lutheran Christian Education Committee 2015-2020

First Lutheran Church Council 2017-2019 (President 2018)

ECFE Advisory Board 2013-2018

Saint Peter Library Board 2011-2016

Creative Play Place 2009-2016

How to Help

Plant a Sign

I’ll give you a sign with my name on it. Passersby will see it and vote for me. We all win.


If you want to support the campaign, this might be the easiest way to do it.


Many hands make light work, and campaigning is no exception. Tell me if you have time to share.

Thank You

I’ve been fortunate to serve my community in a variety of rewarding roles, and I look forward to serving as your mayor once again. With your help, we can continue to make progress. My vision for Saint Peter hasn’t changed, and it is probably much like your own. I want a community that is prosperous and forward-thinking. I want a community that cares equally for all its citizens by promoting personal dignity and exercising compassion. I want a community that champions these shared values through action. Together, we can continue to work for a Saint Peter that reflects our ideals.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Vote Nov. 7

No matter whom you plan to support, I encourage you to get out and exercise your right to vote on November 7.

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